Blank Tasks - Why are they saved?

One of the things that drives me mad on Asana as an established Todoist user is the creation of blank tasks; by pressing enter to save a task, a new task is created beneath it. If escape is pressed or if I navigate away from the task in any other way, the blank task is left with nothing in it.

Default behaviour should surely be that if nothing is entered into a task, it is automtically removed/never saved.

Asana is rolling out a fix for this, just be patient :slight_smile:

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@Bastien_Siebman is right, we’re in the process of rolling out a fix for this issue; as it stands, only a small percentage of users have access to this feature, but we’re planning to roll it out to all our customers very soon!

Hope this helps @mitof!

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Is this still being worked on? The fix was coming ‘very soon’ in January… It’s been a year :confused:

Hi @DMe and welcome to the forum!

This fix was fully implemented quite some time ago - blank tasks are no longer saved.

Hi @Phil_Seeman, thank you for the quick reply!
Apologies, I misspoke - I was actually referring to subtasks. This same behavior takes place with those - you hit enter to enter a task, it creates a new blank subtask, and it remains even if you leave the card without typing anything.
Seeing as it’s an analogous issue, are there plans to address this for subtasks?

Ah, good point - they aren’t removed from subtasks and I don’t know why!

@Marie or @Natalia, do you know why blank subtasks are not removed like blank top-level tasks are?

This is still happening for me on both Tasks, and subtasks.

If I create a Parent task in the list view, then press enter it creates a new blank task underneath. If I press escape, or click out of the task it still saves a ‘blank’ task. I have tried refreshing the page after clicking outside of the task and the blank task is still there after reloading.

I’ve noticed now that you do not have to hit enter for a subtask to be saved. You can just esc out of the card. This way, you avoid having a new subtask be created.
This works for me now that I’ve discovered, but still seems inconsistent.

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