Delete Tags

I am unable to figure out how to Delete a tag from my Projects Board.

The tag is no longer associated with any Project/Task and has zero content within the tag…

Can you help explain how to delete this tag from my projects board via android mobile asana app?

Before I answer, can you elaborate on what you mean by this?

I apologize, I received an email from asana immediately after sending my previous email to you, that said:
‘email issue/posting error’

See below for previous email message and one screenshot example of what I meant by saying zero content within tag.

For an example of zero content under the tag, please see attached screenshots.
I have deleted all past Projects/Tasks in Asana but I am unable to delete this La Quinta tag.
Thankyou for your help!

There’s no way to delete a tag entirely on Android; you’d have to do it in the Asana web app. However, you can’t access an empty tag (one with no tasks attached to it) in the web app. So my suggestion would be to add one task to it; then you could access it on the web app and delete it.

FYI you can also view all of your tags, including empty ones, using @Bastien_Siebman’s Tags Explorer - it lets you view tags for free; accessing empty tags to delete them requires a small payment.