Delete someone from orginazation.

I deleted someone from the team but did not delete them from the organization. I now want to delete them from the organization, but i cannot do that it seems as I deleted them from the team and cannot find where to delete from organization. I an on the “free” subscription.

You can deprovision them in either the Admin section or when removing from a team if you have the permission to do so.

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Since I already deleted them from the team, I can no longer access them through the team. When I try to access from Admin Centre I see that you need a paid subscription to see team/organization members…or am i missing something?


Believe it or not, the Asana recommendation is often to add the user back to the team, then do the two-step process there of removing them from the team, then deprovisioning them, all in that team members interface.


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Brilliant! you solved it - many thanks!


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