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I created a project by uploading a .csv file, not using an asana template. I cannot delete the Asana fields that are automatically assigned to the project. I can only hide them. But even with them hidden, they export in the .csv file and sku my findings. How can I delete Asana (not custom) fields within a project that is not set up using a template?

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Not quite sure what fields you are referring to. Can you please share an example of a field that is showing that you do not want to have there?

The 9 fields toggled off in the screen capture are appearing on every project that is not set up using a custom template. They are not custom fields that I have added so I do not have the ability to edit or delete.


You won’t be able to fully remove those fields which are built-ins from Asana, though as you see you can choose not to show them as columns in List view.

As for outputting fields to CSV, Asana doesn’t allow that to be changed but my free-to-most Asana2Go offers two different CSV sets of columns and the option to create exactly what you want to see:



Thanks so much for your help Larry! It’s much appreciated.

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