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When saving a template…When I go to use the default view across the top does not show all the fields I had selected in my template. Any ideas? Tips? tricks?

It just displays the list view - which is the only option i get when going to set up a project from the template i had created.

Hey @matt_collingwood,

for project templates you won’t be able to set filter options. Have a look at point 7 in this post:

If you refer to the view then you can select from these when creating the template

Is that what you are referring to?

Or do you refer to the view types in general? There has been a change recently, now people can create various customized views:

And I also know currently an A/B test is running which makes all newly created projects to include only the list view tab by default. As per the above you can easily add more though just by clicking on the “+” on the top

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HI Andrea. Appreciate your response. Not sure if I am missing something here but Ill try to explain whats happening.

1. Here is my list view and highlight items I wsh to duplicate as my template

  1. I then Save the Template

  1. Sends me here, there is a + option across the default view section but when I select it it does not work (nothing happens)

4.Only 1 option here when setting out/saving the template

Im not sure if the pics will upload properly. If not no worries. Thanks.

@Andrea_Mayer see the above :slight_smile:

Hey @matt_collingwood, I see and yes this seems related to the A/B test that is running that only the list view is created by default.

A feedback request thread has been created by somebody where you can leave your vote: Bring back the option to auto-populate all tabs from a project template

As Richard mentioned here we don’t know whether it will stay like this or not on the long run


Thanks for your feedback, Andrea, much appreciated.

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