Bring back the option to auto-populate all tabs from a project template

Asana previously would copy everything as-is from a project template into the resulting projects stemming from it.

Currently, only the default tab will be copied from the template into a resulting project.

We rely on standardization of our projects, relying on tabs such as the Overview which cannot be marked as default and therefore cannot auto-populate into projects resulting from our template. This causes additional steps needed, resulting in training, relying on memorization from our userbase and additional oversight from PMO leadership.

We’d like to still have the option for the template to auto-populate as-is (e.g. all tabs) into a project which uses the project template.


Hi @Lauren_Chan , welcome to the forum :wave:

I totally agree with you and can appreciate this has broken some people’s workflows. You have my vote!

Note, this is currently an A/B test so it may or may not stay, however your feedback will be certainly noted by the Product team.

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Thanks, @Richard_Sather! That’s helpful. We didn’t see an announcement for this (but may have missed it), so originally thought it was a bug and the support team on our ticket suggested we add our feedback here as well.

I can see a use case for letting users add their desired tabs, but retaining the option to auto-populate all tabs from a template could be the best of both worlds.




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The A/B test ended with the featured not shipped so all view tabs will appear in projects creted from project templates.