Default layout saves open lists of sub-tasks

Also interested in this. I’m currently evaluating Asana for a Product Division implementation and it’s definitely a bit of a drawback how you can’t see the full project build. Wrike has it…

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Hi Asana Support,

I tried expanding a list of subtasks and using “Save layout as default” but when I return to the project, the list of subtasks remain collapsed.

Please include the state of subtasks (expanded or collapsed) when saving layout, and restore the state when returning to the project.

Thank you.

Just started using Asana and not being able to keep all subtasks expanded and visible as a default layout, or at least having a simple toggle expanded/collapsed button, is the #1 annoyance. Top of the pile please!

Adding my voice too.

Do you have a link to this Chrome extension?

Welcome, @Mandeep1,

You may want to use @ShunS’s bookmarks instead of his extension; maybe he can weigh in.


Thanks for the pointer! That didn’t quite work for me but I created this version which does what I was looking for:

    document.querySelectorAll(`.ProjectSpreadsheetGridRow-subtaskToggleButton`).forEach(buttonIcon =>;    
    document.querySelectorAll(`.SpreadsheetTaskList-showMoreLink`).forEach(buttonIcon =>;
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+1 for this feature

Is this feature coming onstream anytime soon?
I’m finding it increasingly infuriating to have to collapse tasks within sections every time I open a project.

+1 here – We are still testing different tools and this seems like a must for our team.

Hi , @Andrés_Carrascal, @Kursty_Groves , @Pierre_Poilane, @Jenny19, thanks for sharing your feedback. Since this feature appeals to you, you might want to up-vote Default layout saves open lists of sub-tasks :+1:

+1, this is something that has to be done. Seems like a relatively easier thing to implement. Being able to see all the expanded tasks (in the board view at least), will be really useful.

Is there any update from the Asana team on this?


I’m a new Asana customer and this is a huge bummer to not be able to have sub-tasks automatically show up when I switch between projects, even after I have done “Save layout as default.” I looked everywhere in Preferences and I’m disappointed this isn’t possible.

This is an absolute must for me to keep using.

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This is very important for us to continue using Asana. We will move to another platform if this isn’t implemented.

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@Clay_Crosby it would be a shame to see you go. Did you consider using subtasks less? Some companies even don’t use them at all :slight_smile:

@Bastien_Siebman thanks for the reply. We like the subtasks for the nesting effect, i.e. breaking bigger things down (Deploy capital) into smaller tactics, and we want to be able to report on the progress of those tactics, identifying risks there, as a path to achieving those larger goals. Perhaps if there was a way to link tasks under a milestone, instead of relying on subtasks, that could work?

Indeed one way to get rid of subtasks is to promote all subtasks to tasks and use dependencies, actively blocking the main task until all the “steps” are done. Using a milestone (rather than a regular task) does not bring much to the table.

+1 Here. Really need this!

We use task templates and the template changes often and I’ve missed completing new subtask steps because I don’t see them by default!

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