"default_access_level" update only changing 'task collaborators' not the team?

Hi, I’m planning to update “default_access_level” for a large number of projects (700+) from ‘editor’ to commenter. I’m testing the logic out through the API documentation, and it appears to be working except that it is only updating ‘task collaborators’ to the required level and not the team.

I’ve also looked at query the relevant memberships of that project and the team in question is not returned (although explicitly named users are).

I am using a service account. Thanks!

@Adrien_De_Sutter - welcome to the forum! I believe changes to default_access_level should behave as you’re describing. If you already have teams subscribed on these projects, how are you pulling those? I tested with this endpoint and returned teams and users. Could you provide screenshots of the membership section of a relevant project and any code snippets you have? (obscure any private info)

Hi @Adrien_De_Sutter ,

  • default_access_level is given / applied to people who do not have a specific membership and permissions are additive for public projects (meaning the project is not private).
    • So for example, if someone has been added to a public project with a viewer / view only role and you are applying a default access level of editor, then they will now have Editor permissions on the project. Since you mentioned task collaborators - I’ll note that adding someone as a collaborator to a task does not add them as a member to any projects the task is it. That must be done explicitly.
  • At the time I am writing this, we are still in the process of rolling out teams as members of a project. So you may only see users in the list of members. More detail on teams as members here: [Change] Project team sharing is coming!

Edited my previous reply to clarify that permissions are additive on public projects. Also clarified that task collaborators are not added as project members since that was part of your question.


Thanks @John_Baldo and @Stephen_Li . I am looking at modifying the access level of the team the project is associated to.

The projects I need to update are only shared with the team (not public), and I need to make sure that those that gain access to the project by virtue of team membership are commenter only.

I gather that the ability to bulk update is not yet possible via the API but may be soon?


Thanks for clarifying. I think the steps I mentioned above would still be best for that (although they will impact everyone, not just the team). And soon we’ll have the ability to create a membership for a team as described in that post. I believe it’s gradually being rolled out now. It will come to the Asana web app and API at the same time.