Need to set the default access level to admin for the project

Hey I need to set the default user assignment as the admin after the updation in Asana default access to the project member as editor and that is trouble for me.
Is there any way that it can be set to admin when invite any member on a project using the API

Hi @VideoMS

I can’t speak to the API side but when you invite an member you get the option to drop down their access rights to admin.
However if you set the default for any project joiners to become admin when setting up the project and then share the link to people in the team or when they join or are added they will automatically default be set as Project Admin

Regarding setting this via the API, yes, it’s possible:

In response to feedback about the default access level change, our permissions team released the ability to set a new field called default_access_level when creating or modifying a project over the API. Currently, the value can be one of: admin, editor, commenter . When a user is added to a project, they should be given that access level by default. Eventually, viewer will also be added as an option.

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