Deep link task url into a iOS app

I’m trying to construct a URL from a task I received from the tasks api. I’d like it to deep link into the iOS application if its opened in safari on ios. Can someone tell me how to construct it?

For example I have : “{PROJECT ID}/{TASK ID}/”

When I input the project and task i’d in the link above and open in safari, it redirects to the asana app but doesnt open the app. If I click on the link from an asana notification email, it does go to the correct app.

How do construct a link to deep link into the asana app to task?

Correction the link does direct me to the app but DOES NOT go to the task.

After some research I was able to find it. Change the protocol to asana:// instead of http:// and voila, iOS app opens to the correct task or section.

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