Asana isn't recognizing links from Airmail


I am using Airmail which has a “send to Asana” feature to create a task from an email. Asana isn’t recognizing the Airmail links (which show up in the task and provide a link back to the original email). The Airmail team says to contact the Dev. team because I need to enable a link detector on my account. This is pretty foreign to me. Can anyone help?


Ah, I think I understand. There’s a thing where links can be given a custom scheme - i.e. instead of http:// (like a URL), you can register airmail:// links which iOS can then know should open Airmail when clicked. I can see how this might not work out of the box; I’ll forward this on to our iOS team as a feature request.



Hi Patrice,

how did you manage to get the Airmail Link in the task description? When I send Mails from Airmail to Asana, I do not see any link back to the original email - which would be crucial to have.



Matt—is there an update on how to enable Asana on the web or iOS to recognize app links? I’m also wondering about Bear links, which start bear://

(Of course, none of this would be an issue if Asana ever implemented Markdown…)


I have the same problem with google drive URLs. If you watch what ios asana app does to the URL when you put it in, it ignores the the appname:// . If my team member attaches the file manually, not using the URL, it works. But if they put the URL in (its quicker) what I have to do is let the app open the page in safari, then edit the url by putting googledrive:// in front of it and then safari opens the right doc in google drive. If Asana wouldn’t ignore the appname:// we’d be able to link emails etc…