Gmail task link clicked and direct to Asana app's task no longer works!!

Why am I pay so much money and these simple stupid bugs still exists? It just doesn’t work, a simple Gmail link to the app don’t work? Are the developers even qualified to work at Asana? WTF?

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Gmail task link clicked and direct to Asana app’s task no longer works!!

Steps to reproduce:
You click the task link from Gmail.

Browser version:
Doest it matter?

Upload screenshots below:

That’s why it’s so friggin’ annoying to turn on auto update because when you do, something just start to not work and I can’t choose to restore to the older version, it’s ridiculous!

Hi @Mo_Cheung and sorry to hear you’re running into trouble with tasks link received in your email notifications.
We haven’t received any similar reports recently, so it sounds like this issue may be somehow specific to your account. In order to investigate it further, we’ll need you to share private information, that can’t be shared publicly in this forum, so we’d recommend you reach out directly to our support team. In order to speed things up, can you make sure to provide them with the following info?

  • Screenshot of the email notification you received (make sure to include the date and time at which you received this notification to help us locate it in our backend)
  • URL of the task hyperlinked in the email notification
  • Screenshot of what you’re seeing when clicking on this URL

I’m making this thread as resolved in the forum as we aren’t equipped to troubleshoot this specific issue, but rest ensured that our support team will look into this for you.

It’s fine now but it didn’t work both on my iPhone and iPad so it must have been on the service end. And it didn’t work right after the new update, I don’t what you guys fixed but it’s working now.

You guys update the App yesterday and it’s not working again. It’s very annoying!!

Hi @Mo_Cheung, sorry for the trouble! Can you please confirm your new app version? I’m checking with out team and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.

iOS 13.4
iPadOS 13.5.1

Thank you @Mo_Cheung, I’ll forward this information to our team.

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