Links not working for ipad user

Hello! We often post Google Drive links in fields but a user recently told us that the links don’t work for them on iPad. Any tips? Thanks!


Can you describe exactly what they experience? If you send them the link in an email and they open it on iPad, does it work? Said differently, is it really Asana related?


Hi! Thank you so much for your reply! I’ve attached a screenshot to better help explain my issue - in the screenshot, you can automatically click a link from a field in Asana on desktop. But a collaborator says this icon (underlined in yellow squiggle on my screenshot) does not appear for him. Does that help?

On mobile you don’t have the icon but when you click the text you have the option to edit, open or copy. Don’t you?

Hi! No, they do not have the option to open

When you tap the field what happens on mobile?

Unfortunately, nothing happens when they tap - they must copy/paste the link manually into a new tab. This is happening for two different users - one using an iPad and for another using a desktop. Could this possibly be a settings issue?