Dealing with a LARGE number of multi-homed tasks, hiding those without due dates?

We’re building Project Templates incorporating a few dozen pre-made tasks that will already be multi-homed into other projects. The “main” project will represent a job we are manufacturing. All the other “projects” that these tasks will multi-home into will be production departments, functioning as a calendar basically, so I can see at a glance everything that’s going on in each department.

Due Dates for these tasks ARE NOT pre-populated from the Project Template, because they are unpredictable. Project managers here at the business will add due dates to the tasks as the main project unfolds.

The huge hurdle I’ve run into is that I failed to take into account that Board View and List View is going to be EXTRAORDINARILY filled with clutter, filled with tasks that do not yet have due dates assigned to them.

So, I have two options, as far as I can see.

  1. Find a way of hiding all the tasks that lack due dates in Board and List view.
  2. Don’t multi-home those tasks until the due date is assigned (an extremely unfavorable option.

Can anyone suggest a way of hiding the tasks lacking due dates? I’ve tried using filters and cannot find it. I need to be able to see ALL due dates— stuff that’s overdue, stuff due this week, stuff due a year from now.

I’ve got two suggestions.
The first one is to add a global custom field to the project template that gives you an option to say if the due date is set or not. Then also add this custom field to the multi humped project. In the other projects create two sections called Scheduled and unscheduled (or something similar). By default, the tasks without due dates should be in the unscheduled section. Add a rule on the multi home projects to move the tasks to the First section when the date is set.

The second option is similar to the first but instead of sections you add a second single select custom field “scheduled/unscheduled” and use this as a filter.

It this is unclear I can do a visual to demonstrate the idea.

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