past due tasks

Hi - what’s a way to see my past due tasks across all projects? I use the Home tab to manage all of my tasks but as soon as i miss the due date it drops off from Tasks Due Soon.

Why is there no section for Past Due on Home tab? Any way to customize that view?

Did you consider using My Tasks instead of Home? Also you can always use the search to find tasks.


Thanks Bastien. Are you suggesting I scan through the Due Date column to see tasks that are past due? Under my tasks I have a lot of tasks. This means I need to scroll through the whole list to check for items with red Due data.

You can scroll by due date in My Tasks. I also suggest you have a Rule to move tasks “due today” inside the “Today” section. Let me know if this does not ring a bell!

Thanks Bastien. I get all the workarounds. Just wondering why you need workarounds for something this simple.

Those are not workarounds :sweat_smile:

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