DATE - Custom Field Type

Would love this feature!!!
It will be very helpful for projects that have flexible end dates and therefore need to keep track of each time the date is adjusted

Is there a timeline as when this will be supported?


Yes we would like to see this feature and I am not sure what is taking so long to ad this feature? I see this was requested April 2017…

Agreed - this would be a great addition!

Hi Asana Team,
We really need this feature. When can we expect this to be implemented?

Definitely need custom date fields - strange it hasn’t been included from the beginning?

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This feature would be very useful.

Having consistent and standardized data formats is very helpful when using Zapier (or other 3rd party tools) to make Asana even more powerful.

Date-type custom fields are coming!


Hi there
This is exciting. Do you have an update on this with regards to release date?
Thank you.

Asana has not yet provided an update with a date when we’ll get new custom field types.

Any update on when this Feature can be added? Or if you could display the Milestone Date in the Project Progress that would be helpful too. I like using Milestones, but having a displayed date on the project progress would be really helpful and then be able to sort off of that date.


@Phil_Seeman thanks for the updates so far, exciting to hear it is on the roadmap. Two questions:

  1. Any update on timeline for the date custom field?
  2. What’s the best way to learn what’s on the roadmap?

Hi @Chris_Devine,

  1. There’s been no update from Asana folks; I can’t say for sure but since there hasn’t been, I’d assume the new custom field types aren’t coming too soon.
  2. Asana doesn’t publish a public roadmap; the best way to learn about what’s coming down the pike is via posts they make on this forum.

Thanks @Phil_Seeman


Putting myself in line as someone really waiting for that feature.

Hi Holli and welcome to the forum!

There has been an update provided since I wrote the above comment. You and others who want this enhancement should definitely continue to upvote this thrread, but FYI the release of additional custom field types is effectively shelved till further notice.

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Adding my vote for a date custom field - it would be great feature to have!

It’s 2019… this still doesn’t seem to exist. Very unfortunate.

Agreed with commenters above - it’s been two years since first raised.

@Marie - as nice as it is to have feature threads where users can upvote ideas, it would be even nicer for Asana to update users on the actual likelihood of that feature being implemented.

Two years doesn’t sound very promising - if it’s not going to be added rather just say so.

Hi @Paul_Reich and thanks for the mention.

I’m aware this feature has been requested for a long time, and rest ensured that I’m closely keeping an eye on the situation. I haven’t updated this thread recently because this feature hasn’t been prioritized yet, so I haven’t received any internal updates. However I totally understand where you’re coming from, and I agree it would be super useful. There are thousands of feedback in the Forum, quite a few of them are two years old, and has much as we’d like to make it all happen, we don’t always have the capacity to make things happen as quickly as users would like to. I’ll make sure to highlight this feedback to our team, and I’ll be in touch here as soon as I have an update.