DATE - Custom Field Type

Thanks @Marie - perhaps a priority/backlog tag within the forum to give a visual indication of timeline will help users to see for themselves, and would cut out time consuming feedback loops (like this one :)) - like Short [3-6 months], Medium [6-12 months], Long [12-36 months].

I’m not necessarily desperate for this feature in particular - I was just surprised to see the age of the thread.


Adding my vote for the date customer field.

Training 50 agents to type in the date field the same way is not ideal.


I agree! In addition to consistently listing dates, I think this would be super helpful to keep track of smaller milestones or internal deadlines within a specific task to make sure it is on track for the final due date.

Great! Just received another request internally about this today.

I’d like to add my vote to this. A custom field date type would be really helpful.

This is such a simple thing to deploy, i’m very confused as to why it’s been 2+ years to implement. It’s the little details like this that really make my team unhappy with the Asana platform.

I’d like to vote for this too.

I frequently work with exported data through the API and databases and a dedicated date type field would make things a thousand times easier.


I agree. Surely this is a straight foreword request. I would like to see this a.s.a.p

+1 here, our team would love this. Surprisingly when we export the data, there’s at least a date a task was created we can pull reports for, I’m surprised they can’t use that data and simply put it in the Fields option somehow. Not exactly the same as having a start date field, but it’s something. Doesn’t sound super hard IMO

This would be incredible, and then we could use the new automations to make a “created date” field. Simply have “On Task Creation --> Set Created Date (Today)”.

So valuable now especially with the new automations :slight_smile:

+1. Why doesn’t this exist yet?

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Agreed, especially with the new Rules. Setting something up to go to custom field “Urgent” or “High Priority” if it’s hit a number of days since being created? So many organizations have dates that matter besides the “due” date of a task.

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+1 Please create custom field; “date”. We have been waiting for years now…

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