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Hello fellow users,

I would like to create dashboards to have a more global vision of BAU tasks and Backlog task compositions - all identified by custom fields I’ve created for each project.

When I go to Dashboard > Add > Tasks by custom field > Select Project > Select by Custom Fields
Then I get custom fields which I have not created, they appear to be asana defaults.

Is there a way to actually use the custom fields and make dashboards out of them?

Ex: Product backlog has custom dropdown with 7 options - I want the dashboard to show me those seven options and how many tasks have that marked.

Result: 3 SEO tasks, 10 Tech Upgrade Tasks, 1 Page Redesign, etc…


I believe your issue there is that the custom fields you want to use are not part of the library. Go edit them and check the box that says « add to library » and it should work!

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Thank you very much - I never noticed those options down there.

I’ve added the custom field to the /companyname/ library and it’s worked as required.

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