Dashboard Status Update Reminder and Email Reports


Is there a way to change this so the reminder comes on another day of the week?

I am also wondering what day the dashboard report comes out and if there is a way to change that.



Hi @Melissa_Panzer, there isn’t a way to change the day of the week for that reminder. I recommend you create a recurring task instead for the day of the week you want, and leave Asana’s built-in reminder off.

There isn’t a way to adjust what day the dashboard report email is sent.


Thanks so much for this!
What day will the report come to me?


Thanks for sharing this topic melissa! :slight_smile:




It’s emailed every Monday morning - see the ‘Dashboard Digests’ section here.

Every Monday morning, a Dashboard digest email will be sent to you that will provide updates for every project currently on your Dashboard. This Dashboard digest will consist of each project’s latest status and its progress chart.

As far as I’m aware, there is not a way to customize the date this gets sent out. That’s why the recommended day to update is Friday, even if it doesn’t always fit with the update schedule for each person! But it doesn’t matter, some projects I have syncs on Thursdays and I just update after that - even if it’s on a Tuesday, etc. I just create recurring reminders like @Todd_Cavanaugh suggested.


Thank you so much for the detail Caisha! Would you mind post what one of those digest emails looks like?


Sure - it’s pretty basic.



I notice that my digest comes on Sunday instead of Monday? Is there some way to move it to Monday?



Hi Roger,

If you’re referring to your Asana digest emails (rather than the Community emails), I recommend that you refer to this post: