Custom Calendar: track the creation to mailout of a monthly newsletter

Did asana manage to set up a custom calendar in the end? I found some older threads but not sure if this was solved?

I use asana to track the creation to mailout of a monthly newsletter. I have set up a project board and a template for each monthly newsletter with the subtasks as steps to complete. I would like to set the due dates for each subtasks as a recurring monthly date:

  • content discussion: 2nd tuesday of the month
  • 1st draft: 2nd friday of the month
  • final approval: 3rd weds of the month
  • mailout: 3rd Friday of the month

etc etc etc. But I can’t seem to make the calendar work for me… there are specific dates (eg every 5th of the month), but that doesn’t always correspond with the appropriate work days.

Any suggestions please? thank you.

Hi @Oi_Leng_Lui, thanks for reaching out! We currently offer the option to set a task to repeat the 5th day of the month, see below:

However, the task will repeat once you mark it complete. It won’t show in your calendar every date task is due.

I see you are using subtasks for this specific workflow, are you adding the subtasks to the project and setting them to repeat?

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Thanks Emily - I see what you’re saying but it’s not the same thing.

I’d like the first Friday of every month for example, which is different from the 5th of every month (depending on what day of the week the 1st is).

Is there an option to do that? On a recurring basis? thank you.

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Hi @Oi_Leng_Lui,

Asana does not currently due this.

@Phil_Seeman, does Flowsana do this?


No, I’m afraid not!