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Hi there, my name is Cherry, we have a customized date field called “submission date” created in our project, I would like to use this field to filter the date range for my data in dashboard reporting, but in the dashboard reporting date filter, only “start date” and “due date” are available, do you know how can I add “submission date” to the dashboard date filter?


Hey @Chez_Li welcome to the Asana community forum :wave:

As far as I know on the x axis you can display single and multi-select custom fields
On the Y-axis you can also have custom fields with numbers


What type of custom field is “submission date” ?

Have you instead considered setting up a graph based on a specific time frame?

More info on reporting here Using charts on project Dashboards to track progress | Product guide • Asana

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Hi Andrea,

Thanks so much for your response. Yes, I’m trying to set up a graph based on a specific time frame which is recorded in my customize field “submission date”. For example, I want to display a summary of all projects submitted from 30/Jan/2020 to 30/Jan/2021. I can’t use the “Start Date” or “Due Date” field, because these fields are used by other teams, so we have created a customize field “Submission Date” to record dates relevant to our team. But when I try to set up the date range in the filter, my filter only gives me “Start Date” and “Due Date” options, how can I add the “Submission Date” option as a filter? I tried to use the Custom Field filter, but still can’t locate “Submission Date” when I searched. Please refer to screen prints below, again thanks for your help


Hello @Chez_Li what plan are you on?

There have been some specific updates for business plans just recently which allow burnup charts and new completion metrics.

We also discussed this with another user here the past two days because for Mike and me more chart features show (We have a business plan)

I still recommend contacting support regarding this to confirm whether this is just for business or something might have not been rolled out to all users yet

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your response, I read through Mike’s post and it seems like it’s the same issue, I will find out what plan we are on from our administrator. Thanks.


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