Dashboard - Google Sheets Report



Wondering if there is a way to identify how many incomplete tasks there are per section on the Google Sheets report, rather than incomplete tasks per assignee?


@Bri_Hamburg, you can see “Incomplete Sections” in the export, which allows you to calculate which of the sections still have incomplete Tasks in them.

If all the Projects in your Dashboard have the same sections, then you can see incomplete Tasks per section. See the screenshot here, of our training template and a copy (the only two Projects on the Dashboard). This feature is AWESOME for comparing multiple version of the same Projects (events, onboarding Projects, etc.). Let me know what you think! Feel free to use the in-app form for feedback, as well.


Hi @Sara Is it possible to see incomplete tasks for each column on a board? Would be a good way for us to track progress for board projects


@Sarah_Hewitson, right now, the Export Dashboard to Google Sheets doesn’t recognize column data. I’ll be sure to forward that feedback on to our team!