Indicate if there are complete tasks even in "incomplete tasks" view

As a user viewing a Project with an “incomplete tasks” view (my default preference), I want to know (minimally) if there are any “complete” tasks in each section. Maybe even a count of completed tasks for that section.

I don’t want the interface cluttered with the actual “completed tasks” listed out, which is my only other option right now with the “All tasks” view. Offer the count and obfuscate the details.

Oftentimes when returning to a project after an extended period I need to get my bearings and won’t realize I can’t find what I am looking for bc the task was “completed” and is not being shown. Some indication that it’s “hidden” because of the selected view is what I desire.


Thanks for your feedback @Nipun_Jethi1,

I often see new folks worrying that their completed tasks have disappeared :scream: Sounds like your solution would help in this case too, so let’s hope this is something our team will consider in the future :crossed_fingers:t3: I don’t believe this is in our near term plans, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted here when I have an update on this topic!

I do agree on the request, but also don’t want the interface to be cluttered. Tough choice… Lucky me I don’t work in the Product team at Asana! :heart: