Mark complete, remove from view



We use ‘mark complete’ to indicate that a task is finished (no, really! ;). I would love to see that task being removed from view, instead of greying out. That way, the board becomes way less cluttered. I don’t want to delete the task (because I want to have an archive of finished tasks, including their attachments), but I also don’t want to keep all completed tasks in view. Is this possible?


Have you checked that you are in the view “Incomplete Tasks”? you can do this at the top right corner of your screen:


Thanks! Yes, I’ve seen that option (but forgot about it), but it seemed to be resetting itself each time I visit Asana again.

I’ll try again, thanks!

For my information: if I click ‘save view for everyone’, does that mean that the ‘incomplete tasks’-view is activated for all my team members? That would be very nice!


Yes it will saved for all your team members :grinning:


Great! Very happy with this, thanks!