completed task - why are they now staying in view?

For eons I’d click the check circle to mark a task complete and it would disappear, which was wonderful. Now they don’t disappear. This clutters. I have searched docs for a while, but I really don’t have hours to spend on reading documentation for something that worked just fine. I see docs that are close to what I’m talking about, but not correct.

How do I get them to go away without having to delete them, please?

In most views (e.g. My tasks or a Project list or board view), there should be a clickable choice towards the upper right corner - All Tasks OR Completed Tasks OR Incomplete Tasks. Choose Incomplete Tasks. In a Project view, you can save this setting as a default: /Save Layout as Default.

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Never mind. It took me 20 minutes to find the needle in the haystack - and it wasn’t by reading the documentation. What an existence we live in. Who has time for wellness when we can instead spend our time tech supporting multiple applications every day :wink: