Completed tasks don't go away

Obviously I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a new “feature” but for the last week or so, every time I complete a task in a project it stays there. It’s grayed out and checked but it doesn’t go away. This was never the case so I’m curious if it’s a new addition and if so, if it has a toggle switch somewhere so that we can go back to how things used to be (completed tasks hidden by default).

I’m using Chrome browser, but I switched it to Firefox and it’s the same thing.

Hi, have you tried the “all tasks” button at the top right of your project? You can select all, incomplete, completed.


Hi @Tomasz, we recently made new project view show all tasks by default, so simply switch your view to incomplete task and save it this way!

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Thanks. That was it. I barely ever used that toggle before as I like it the way it was and default was incomplete tasks. I’ll keep that in mind for the future. I thought something got stuck there. :slight_smile:


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No problem at all @Tomasz, we’re always here to help :slight_smile: