Daily Check-ins like Basecamp

Moving from Basecamp. One feature that I really miss is the automated check-ins which ask team members a question every day (or week, or any interval).

What is the recommended approach to achieve this in Asana?

  • I could create a recurring task for each team member, but that seems a bit inefficient if it’s the same question asked to 10 different people.

  • I could create 1 recurring task, and assign all team members, but then if one person marks as done it will be marked as done for everyone.

Any other recommendations?

@jackson1, I think you might be able to most easily handle that with this approach:

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Thanks Larry - certainly a potential workaround. I still don’t like the idea of having multiple copies of the same task or subtask… Seems like there’s too much potential for human error.

Appreciate the response.

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Alternatively - any way to create an automated request to team members to submit an update of what they’re working on. I could set a weekly task for myself to “create status update asking teammates to update what they’re working on”.

But ideally we could automate this status update in case I’m on vacation etc. Just better to automate.


Yes, there are various ways depending on what you’re looking for.

There’s the Status/Progress feature of projects (Progress tab) that includes the toggle “Remind me to update the status every Friday”. You’d do this in 10 projects for 10 separate statuses this way.

Or, make one project for this. Make the 10 people members. Make one recurring task that’s the reminder. All project members will receive the notification. They can each have a section in the project for their regular statuses, or each have one task and their regular statuses can be subsections/subtasks.

I have a template for my clients that’s an Asana version of something I used for many years to collect leads’ last week’s goals/statuses, this week’s goals, and any blocks/issues.

There are probably other ideas too.

Hope that helps,