Using Asana for Automatic Check-ins (Basecamp)

We’re trying to use Asana as our one and only productivity platform - most of it we’ve figured out workflows that seem to be working.

The one thing we haven’t worked out is how to create and maintain automatic check-ins. Aka

  • What are you working on this week?
  • What did you do today/this week?

It doesn’t feel like creating a daily task for each person is the right way to do this. Is anyone doing this in Asana today - how?


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I wonder if using the “assign duplicate tasks” might work for you - you can put the prompt together and then assign a duplicate task to everyone on the team member at once. You could also add the recurrence if you want them to answer this question daily or weekly. If you want the answers to be “visible” to everyone- make everyone a collaborator on the first task before you assign it to everyone.

Asana tasks - understanding the basics | Product guide • Asana Product Guide (about 1/2 down the page)

With that would every person in the company/team have to be listed as a collaborator to see the responses from others?

Hmmm… not certain. I think if the task was in a project that everyone was a member of - they might also have the visibility. You could do a test task to see (add just one or two people and see if the third person can still view the responses).

Edit to add: If you do have to add everyone, the nice thing is you can just do that 1 time and make it a task template!

Welcome, @maxclark,

My best alternative solutions are found here:

You can also come up with many sub-alternatives to those too, depending on specific needs.

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I’d love to see Asana include this as a native feature - in the meantime found a check-in tool to overlay with Slack and get us what we need.

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