Check list (pre-flight check list)

Hi there,
I’m wondering how do you organize your checklists (also called pre-flight checklists) within Asana?

We are a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and I’m interested in having different ideas on how you manage all of the activities that are mandatory for a specific position!

Let say that a supervisor that work on a night shift has some check to perform daily, weekly or monthly, but it might be different than the supervisor of the day shift. We have a few supervisors per shift so it it not always the same person that complete the checks, so it’s not as easy as assigning recurring task to a single person!

So, on your side, are you managing this kind of mandatory activities by recurring task, projet for each shift, days, person, position…???

I’m interested by having feedback on some possibilities and what you find the best solution.

If a position is responsible for the Tasks and not an individual, what about a group e-mail address that is for the position and that is assigned to the Tasks?

Hi @Vince_Mustachio
have you tested a group e-mail?

We have tried this at the beginning, but have abandoned the idea as it was at the opposite of Asana strength, to have a person responsible for a task to a specific due date.
However, I have to say that it might be interesting when it comes to this situation.
but, would it be possible for individual within this group e-mail to complete the task? I guess they will have to log using this group e-mail AND the individual to get either their group and individual tasks…which is not ideal

No. I haven’t tried using a group email.

Agreed. The downside to assigning Tasks to a group e-mail is you lose some accountability. But from the situation you described, it appears to already be a group responsibility, so you may be doing nothing more than dealing with the situation as it already is as opposed to losing something.

Another possibility would be someone is responsible for making sure the Tasks are assigned to right person for that day or shift. But that would depend on if your organization could accommodate that.

But like all decisions, it’s a best guess. You give something a try. See how works. Adjust as needed.

I knew this was sounding familiar to a previous topic. It may not apply, but I dug this up in case it helps.

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From the link you referred to I think I would try to use tags, one for day shift, one for evening shift, and another one for night shift. Using these tags on a recurrent task would create a easy way if populating the list for every people that I need to work on these task… I’ll let you know once I’ve tried this.
Thank you for your input @Vince_Mustachio