D&D handle for Tasks in Search Results and "My Tasks"

I really love Asana but regularely am disappointed by some UI logic. One of the problems for me is the “Drag and Drop” handle (6 dots in 2 rows to the left of the task line): within projects view this is visible for ALL Tasks. Within “My tasks” view this is NOT visible for the top tasks (above “Marked for today”), but IS visible for the other Tasks in the same view. Within SEARCH views this is NOT visible at all.
One of my regular processes is to search for Tasks which are NOT assigned to a project, and to assign those - this would be so much easier with D&D functionality of tasks directly into the project list on the left. But no it does not work like this, and I have to go into each Tasks Details and assign the project there from the pop-up list.
Any ideas if the D&D handles can be presented for ALL Tasks in ALL views?
Thank you so much, Karl.

Hi @Karl_Petermichl and thank you for reaching out!

What you are saying is correct. As it stands, the Drag and Drop option is not available when using the Search Tool and I don’t believe there is a way to make it available at the moment. I completely understand how useful this would be for you. However, it is visible in your “My Task” including in the Recently Assigned section. Can you confirm you are able to see it? If not, can you share a screenshot of your view?

Looking forward to your reply!

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Hi Natalie and thank you for the fast reply.

I can confirm I CANNOT see it in the first block above the “Marked for today” section. it is difficult to screenshot, as the SPACE for the handle is there, but when you HOVER over this space the dots do NOT appear. When you hover over the same space below in the other sections, the dots appear. In the screenshot the HOVER state ist not seen, so I have circled the area in question in RED where the Hover does not work, and in GREEN where ist does work.

Hope this helps, thank you.

hello @Natalia any insights into this Feedback?
thank you

hello can you help find my problem?
thank you so much I suffer daily…–))))

Apologies for the delay in responding @Karl_Petermichl

Would you mind trying from a different browser and an incognito windows and to see if this issue persists?

Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you and of course I am happy to test whatever might be helpful.

I tried now in 3 browsers (Edge, Firefox and Chrome newest versions) in normal and in private mode, and in all 6 test cases the behaviour was exactly the same and as documented in the screeenshot. There are NO handles in the upper portion of the MY Tasks List, but the handles appear in the lower portion of the list. This is all on the same machine, a Windows 10 HP Laptop. I can try later today on two other machines I have in my other location (Win 7 and Apple Macbook pro).

Thank you for your follow-up, many greetings.

Hi @Karl_Petermichl and thank you for the follow-up. I just realised your My Tasks is sorted by Due Date. This is the reason why the Drag and Drop option is not available in the group of tasks that have a due date assigned since is sorted by date.

Once you Sort the My Tasks by “None”, the Drag and Drop option becomes available for every task again.

Sorry for not realising this before but I hope it helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Thank you and yes, this helps!
I was not aware that the sorting criteria has such a strong impact on the DD handles…

e.g. do not understand why “None” sorts by date, too (recently assigned, today, upcoming, later…) and shows all the DD handles while sorting by date does not, or sorting by “likes” does NOT show the DD handles even if there is no Date sorting going on, but this seems to be a deep inner logic of ASANA and I do not question this…

Thank you for your help and greetings!

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