Customized Fields from Slack & SLA tracking

Hi there, I have two questions related with asana

  1. I integrated asana board with slack channel, so my team is currently creating asana task via slack. However when we create asana task via slack, it only shows standard fields such as task name, assignee, project, due date, description. Can we customized asana fields to be displayed on slack channel so it will reflect the actual fields that we have in asana board?
  2. We have due date field in asana and currently if I want to know the total SLA of each task, I need to export the completed tasks into excel file and calculate the SLA via excel. is there a way for us to display the time duration directly on the asana board without us downloading the report? so whenever we check the board, we can find SLA information on the asana board

Thanks in advance

Hi @Hanessa_Kamal, thanks for reaching out to our Community!

While it is not currently possible to add custom fields to tasks created via Slack, or show task SLA’s within your project, I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #usecases category to make it more visible for those looking to share workarounds :slight_smile: