Customizable names for "Goals" and "Sub-goals" to fit OKR terminology

  • We are implementing OKRs and choose to use Goals feature. The OKR terminology includes words like “Objectives”, “Key Results”, Key Actions", with a clear distinction between KR and KA:
  • Key Results measure progress toward an Objective.
  • Key Action describe the work required to drive progress on Key Results.

The names in Goal feature like “Sub-goals” are not editable.

  • Being able to customize the names of goals and sub-goals, like in case of Sections, would eliminate confusion and missunderstandings in our team.

  • Cannot estimate the impact of it yet as we are just about to launch OKRs. We want to assure that there are as few confusion sources as possible during the implementation.

  • We tried to include the type of goal inside the goal name, eg.
    Sub-goal: “(Key Result) Customer satisfaction score of 97%”
    Sub-goal: “(Key Actions) Interview 10 support rep candidates”
    It just feels awkward and labor-intensive and might create confusion.

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I was just asked about the exact same thing by an executive. I’d like to second this request.

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Thanks for creating this thread and sharing your feedback @Zoltan_Bartha! I’ve sent this to our team so they can consider it in future updates. We don’t have immediate plans to implement this feature but I’ll keep you posted if I have any news!


Thank you for your reply. Waiting for news!

@Emily_Roman any update on this? I think it’s very important



We are trying to really start using goals with OKR terminology.

This would be great.


Hello, is the Goals feature available for Enterprise users? Thanks

Hello @Robert_Peduzzi-Davie welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Yes the goals are available for Business and Enterprise customers

Some of my teams plan on a calendar year basis. Others plan by fiscal year.

It would be great to be able to choose CY or FY as your time period, and still define what the FY is.

Any chance of that?

  • Christopher Hatty

Hi @Christopher_Hatty ,

If I am understanding this correctly, you are asking for time period outside of the normal FY (ie Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec)?

Right now you can set the start of your FY but the label for the period is static as FY.

We have an FY with a July 1 start date.

BUT a solid half of the org uses the CY as their strategic timeframe.

I have been unable to convince the exec team that our FY should just map to the CY, so I thought it might be easier to get Asana to allow more flexibility around the NAMING of the time period, and for that to be managed at a ream level rather than a company level.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Christopher_Hatty! To be honest, we don’t have immediate plans to implement this option but hopefully we can implement it in the future!

Any updates on whether goals and sub-goals will be editable in name? Or if you can just change goals and sub-goals to OKRs on your platform overall? :slight_smile: You have documentation and templates in OKRs but then the product is built with different (and maybe a bit confusing?) language. OKRs please and thank you!

Would be super helpful, my org is also looking for this option.

+1 one for this - implementing OKRs too and this ability would be helpful