Customizable dashboard for project overview

The project summary should be a visual tool. Its current layout is too limited. It doesn’t have enough customization options.

When working with clients and adding them to the projects, Asana can be a bit overwhelming and a good summary dashboard can help with that.

Maybe some drag and drop options to include images, videos, text blocks, etc.


So basically you would want the “brief” from the overview to be fully visible in the Overview tab?

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I’ve searched and can’t find out how to edit the Project Overview page.
How do I remove sections and re-organize them?

For instance, Connected Goals appears automatically and I want to remove that section completely. I want to move up the Key Resources section to the second spot (above project roles).


Hi @Heather_Sasser

To edit content on the Project Overview Page:
click on the overview tab, click in the text area and start editing
click on ⌄ next to the project name and click on edit project details

Sections like Connected Goals cannot be removed or reordered on the project details page afaik (Not yet at least)

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Ahhh, that’s why I can’t find that answer.

It would be helpful to make that summary page custom to our needs. I’d love to move those blocks (and add/delete) around to fit our work style.

Thank you!



I’ve moved your request to an existing feedback thread so you and others can vote at the top now.


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The brief should be part of it, but basically a more user-friendly project overview for people that are not familiar with project management tools. I’m trying to collaborate with my clients within the platform and since I’ve used Asana for 7 years I don’t want to create a trending “client portal” on Notion.

Agree - The goal are useless for our org. It would be nice to remove that giant block.


What if people want to track their team’s goals?

They would not use Asana for that. It’s not how we’re set up. We investigated it but it won’t work for us.

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A more customizable Overview would be very helpful. We need the ability to hide sections such as Goals and Milestones as they are not suited for every type of project and potentially add custom-labeled content sections similar to the Status Update window. Also, the Project Description editor is missing the headings. If ‘Project Description’ is an H2 at least let us add an H3.

Currently, we are using List Sections and Tasks for project Notes and Documentation because the Overview tab is not flexible enough.

Essentially, we want the ability to create a Client Portal and think a more customizable Overview tab would be a good solution.


Any updates on customizing this page? Would be great to delete sections all together if not used or at least move most relevant to the top.


Any update on this?


overview tab is completely useless to me due to lack of customization

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Largely agree with what has been said here, and am adding my input for visibility. Even simple customizations of the overview page like the ability to remove, or drag and drop widgets and sections would be useful.

The Home page is minimally customizable, drag and drop pre-built widgets, remove them, reorder. This simple level of customizability should be available for an Overview page - to drag and drop or remove sections like text blocks, Connected Goals, Key resources, Project roles feels essential. Not every Project will be connected to Goals, or Portfolios, or have Milestones or Key resources. The inability to remove these large blocks from the overview page creates dead space on the screen that adds to confusion.

I would like to add that my company has been using Asana for several months now, and simple things like this has us on the cusp of pivoting away from Asana and exploring other options. There are many aspects of Asana which feel restrictive, and enough of those small things culminate to make the user experience unpleasant. I am personally a fan of the interface (to a degree) and am willing to compromise my desires with the capabilities of the platform in some cases - understanding that you can only design within the limitations of the platform. However, colleagues of mine who don’t have as much time to learn or familiarize themselves with Asana are resistant to it because of small bugs and restrictions which make the onboarding/induction process too arduous and frustrating.

I hope simple revisions like this can be taken into consideration with more urgency, and actioned by the dev. team. This simple request goes back 1.5 years , and while I am no developer, if there is a continued demand for a revision like this, it seems like it should have been remedied by now.

Simply providing an honest critique of the platform in hopes of improvement. I wish to work with the platform, not against it.

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Just the minimal ability to reorder the project overview sections would be a great improvement. We are finding ourselves trying to use the Key resources section but its hidden at the bottom, as are milestones.

It would also be nice if key resources were easier to read, since it is a list of file attachments and links, it is important that the full title of each document is visible, perhaps in list form instead of as little cards.