Ability to customize tabs into a project

Hi everyone,

What do you think about the ability to customize (make visible or invisible) some tabs into a project.
I’m talking about Brief / List / Dashboard / Chronology / Calender …

In our organisation some projects only requires the List view + Brief and some others the Dashboard view depending on the team organisation and content / aim of the project.

We think it will be great and clever to permit this custimisation into a project view.
What about you ?


Document added to this summary tab doesn’t appear in the Files tab designated to centralized all documents of the Asana project.

Is it a bug or not ?
If it’s not, it makes sense to me to request this feature in order not to confuse my team members.

Are you also waiting for this feature?
Thanks anyone for your reply

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There is an existing thread Would like to be able to hide (or move) tabs on project that was merged into a thread about changing the order. Not sure that applies though :thinking:

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Move or Hide are goot features options needed but my request was in fact only concerning hide option :slight_smile:

Thanks for the other topic link, hope Asana will take it in consideration.

Each project starts with all of the Views active: Board, Timeline, Calendar etc. The user should be able to turn unneeded Views off to reduce distractions. Also prevents users not familiar with the project working from a less than ideal View.