Custom Task Templates

There are a few threads on this in the forum, and all seem to point to the fact that a Task Template feature has not yet been introduced…is that correct? Just want to be completely certain I’m not overlooking this. Thanks!

I don’t think this feature has been implemented. It would be really useful to have task templates for repeated work at team/project level.


I see that this is a popular request.
In the absence of the asana team finding a way to implement the task templates, I can think of an alternative solution:

  1. Create a project: Template tasks
  2. Insert in that project all possible task templates to contemplate in most of your scenarios
  3. Fill in the complementary information of the task templates.
  4. As you need a template task in one of your other projects, you just need to duplicate the task template and move it to the destination project.

Additionally, if you do not want to have a “Template Tasks” project visible in your list of projects, what I would do would be to create a team called “Templates” exclusively for this. He would also take the opportunity to add members of other teams to the team so that they can also create their template task projects. Projects called Tasks templates as well as template projects could coexist in this team.

To abbreviate and know which department the task templates belong to, I would name the projects in this way:

TT - Marketing = Task Templates for Marketing Department
TT - Financial = Task Templates for Financial Department
TT - Operations = Task Templates for Operations Department

PT - Marketing Campaign = Project Template for Marketing Campaign
PT - Operations = Project Template for Operations Department
PT - Financial Q1 2020 = Project Template for Financial Q1 2020 Department

What do you think guys?


+1 on this feature request - requested 2.5 years ago with consistent interest. Would be great to see this added into Asana.


I can’t stress enough how needed this is!

We get a lot of form requests from different parts of our organization, and they usually each require one of 3-4 standard sets of subtasks.

My team has adopted the method of having a series of “Template tasks” and duplicating/merging subtasks into requests as needed. However, this is a monotonous, unintuitive process that takes unnecessary time and effort. It’s also not easy to explain to newcomers and has really hurt our adoption of Asana. Even worse, it takes time for all of the subtasks to load during the duplication, and if you hit “merge duplicate subtasks” before the duplication is 100% complete, some of the subtasks won’t appear in the merged task! It’s maddening!

Instead, imagine opening a task, and simply being able to click on a “Template dropdown” to select a preset template. Imagine having that action auto-populate the task with a set of pre-set subtasks, collaborators, description details, etc.

That would be AMAZING. This honestly feels like such a no-brainer that I can’t believe it’s still not here after being requested for so many years. This is at the top of my team’s list. Please, please bring this one to life!


Hi @Jack_Shepherd,

Maybe even better - imagine when a form gets submitted and creates a new task, that task automatically gets populated with a set of subtasks from a template - and the source can be one of a set of different templates, where the appropriate template’s subtasks can be inserted based on the value of a question/field on the form?

If you’re interested, that capability is available today using the Add subtasks from a template If-Then rule action in my Flowsana integration.



I’d love to see this feature as well!

I’d love to see this feature too! Trying to find a way to do it for a while now.

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+1!! Yes, but also to add to this request to be able to apply a template of tasks as subtasks to a task and apply due dates based on the parent task due date. For instance: Parent Task due 6/1/2020. Sub Task #1 Due 30 Days Prior, Sub Task #2 due 15 Days Prior, Sub Task #3 due 1 day prior.

Setting up a template like that would be superb!

Hi there, has this feature implemented?

I’d love to see this feature too!

It would be incredibly useful to have Task templates as well as Project templates. My team has endless tasks within our projects which all have the same few subtasks, and being able to automate this process instead of creating them manually over and over again would save us a lot of time!


OMG yes! We have this issue too!


Why don’t you use the “Copy task” feature and keep a clean version of each task as a template?

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It would incredible to have this feature.
I hope, the image can help.


Even with information in custom fields

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Hey Bastien! That’s a decent workaround, thank you! However it would still require me to manually create a clean task in every single one of our numerous projects. Plus if I ever needed to modify this faux-template, I’d have to go back and modify every single one manually! It’d save a little labor, true, but it’s not ideal.

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That’s a beautiful mockup, Gustavo!

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Yesss please. This is so vastly needed.

We want to use a list project to keep track of deployments from dev to prod. We need to have sign off from various people for each one. Copy Task is possibly, but a bit clunky when compared to a simple “Add Template Task” button or even a default task format per project. This would also help with using things such as Microsoft Flow to take data from another application and feed into here while keeping the relevant subtasks.

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Using a project for this that you archive afterwards won’t do the trick will waiting?