Custom search filter as a component to add to a project status update.

There are components on a progress report you can currently drag/drop which add visuals & quick reporting ability. It’s pretty cool (needs upgrades on those charts, but it’s a great start). E.g. “Incomplete tasks by assignee”.

I think it’d be a great extensible feature to add an ability to “save” a search, and have that saved search as a component you could drag/drop into a progress report. Example: I could make a section for my progress report called “Yellow/Red tasks due in the next week”. I’d then have a search which finds incomplete tasks which are due in the next week which are red or yellow. I’d drag that saved search into my report, and it’d preferably list all my tasks in an easy to view method. Something like:

  1. Tasks 1 Title - Due 8/27/2020 - Assignee - Status or some other useful info.
  2. Task 2 Title - Due 8/28/2020 - Assignee - Status or some other useful info.
  3. etc.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to customize how tasks are displayed, but if you could simply make it a generic list of tasks, I’d find it supremely helpful. Being able to direct all leadership to review an update which calls out some specific tasks (so we could verbally talk about them) would be great. By adding the capability to used saved searches as a component, it makes it very extensible/flexible for anyone’s generic requirements.

@Dave_Anderson1, thank you so much for taking the time to share this feedback with us. We’re planning to continue developing the project status update and components available, so make sure to keep an eye on this space! With that said, I agree that being able to utilize custom searches to illustrate your report would be super useful, so I’ll make sure to share your feedback with our team!