Quick Filters in project

We are using projects for development teams and on daily basis we need to walk through the tasks by Assignee.
Currently in team of 7 developers its always about 6 clicks per each developer every day on standups and that is really annoying and time consuming.

We would welcome a lot an option to save “quick filters” with custom naming and have it accessible in bar next to “Filter”, “Sort”, “Show fields” buttons.

Filter incomplete tasks & assignee “John Doe” => name “JD”
Filter incomplete tasks & assignee “Alice Doe” => name “AD”
Filter incomplete tasks & assignee “Thomas Doe” => name “TD”

There would be three buttons: “JD”, "AD, “TD”

Very simple but very helpful. :pray:


Hi @Petr_Fišer_CZ_Tech_P,

i think you could solve this by doing a custom search and saving that search for each person.
then you only need 1 click :wink:

Hey @_josh,
thank you for your reply. I just tried it, but I’m not able to use it in board view, right?
It’s crucial for us to be able to filter by that in board where we have columns based on our sprint workflow.

Output by your advice gives only list without the information about sections. :frowning:


Hi @Petr_Fišer_CZ_Tech_P,

yes, you’re right. Saved searches only show in List view.

The new not so “quick filters” added several steps to a frequent workflow for my team of ~8 and growing. this simple thing is speeding our adoption of Jira. Dont make UX changes so willy-nilly my friends.

Go to project, I want to view my tasks (we use “done” column so “Complete”/“Incomplete” filters are useless)
what used to be one click: “view tasks assigned to me”
has been replaced with: incomplete and assigned (removes Done, not helpful)
All incomplete (full team)
All Completed (nobody cares)

One click “view my Complete/incomplete tasks,” or a quick filter for PERSON and a quick filter for STATUS would be great. This is now six clicks and everyone is annoyed.