Custom fields in Timelines & Board View

Is there any way to sort or filter board view and timeline view by custom fields? We’d love to show clients a timeline view, but only want to share milestone tasks (marked w/ a custom field as milestone), not EVERY task with a due date. Thanks!

Hi @Megan_Yarnall,
We can understand why you’d want to filter Boards and Timeline by custom fields. At this time, the functionality you describe is not available. However, this is just the beginning for both features! We’ll be seeing periodic updates to Boards and Timeline in the near future. In the meantime, I recommend that you conduct a standard advanced search to view the info you’re looking for. I hope that will still give you the info you need!

Is there an update on this? We have just got Asana and would really think that this feature would be beneficial.

@anon62941133 you can filter by Custom Fields on Boards. However, the only thing you can do with Custom Fields on Timeline is allow them to set the color of the tasks shown.