custom fields disappeared after asana purchase


I used Asana trial to build out a project with subtasks, a custom field for tasks, dependencies, and dates.
I wanted to use the integration that flowsana offers so connected to that as well but since it was a Asana trial version the integrations didn’t work yet.
This morning I asked our billing department to add our billing info and upgrade us to the Asana starter version. They’ve done that and now the custom fields for tasks are all gone, the subtasks, dependencies, and dates still remain. There are alot of hourglasses in list view still but I don’t think the custom fields will reappear.

Is there a reason the custom fields disappeared? Are they hidden from list view somehow?
Even after adding the billing information it says that the trial ends in 26 days. I’m not sure if that’s connected in some way.

Welcome, @Mu_Pe,

I don’t believe this should happen. I recommend you Try these troubleshooting steps, then create a support ticket, go to (make sure you are logged in to Asana) > click the chat icon at the bottom right > type “speak to an agent” > click “Yes” > click “Something Else” > click “Create a support ticket.”



Thanks, I’ve sent in a support ticket.
I’ve tried the troubleshooting options by using another browser and it doesn’t appear to help.

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Mu_Pe: You say “custom fields disappear in List view”? Are you aware that these need to be explicitly displayed via the following control? Please check and see if this will help. (Perhaps with the service change, some of these toggles got reset.)

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