Custom Fields api query is no longer reporting all information it once did despite no changes to the application

The power query below once returned a custom field. Fast forward 6 weeks and whilst custom fields are still being returned, one of them that the report was based around is missing.

The client assures me there have been no changes to the application - “This field is still showing on our end and to our knowledge has not been edited or removed.”

Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(“”, [Headers=[Authorization=“Bearer aaaaaaaaa”]])),

Any help or light on potential fixes would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Chris Duffy

Hi @Chris_Duffy ,

Welcome to the forum! So you’re receiving all tasks correctly and all custom fields except one; is that accurate? Do you control the Asana project this is pulling from, or does your client? (I’m a bit confused by your second paragraph) Could you give a bit more context on how you’ve set up this integration and how it used to work?

I can’t think of any reason why that would happen without human intervention, as when I call that endpoint, I receive all fields on my project.

Hi Stephen and thank you for your quick response,

To clarify, the client controls the Asana project and I have no access to it except via a Personal Access Token that has been sent to me to access the API.

Using the API, I have connected to a project and extracted the custom fields. One of those fields was used as the centerpiece for a PowerBi visualistion. Recently, that field without change to the code, is not being returned.

I have used Postman to call and can confirm the field no longer shows up in this list. As do calls to not show the field in question.

The client assures me there have been no changes to the project.

Before questioning the clients version and reaffirming your initial assessment that this type of thing wouldn’t happen without human intervention, I am wanting to check;

  • There have been no Asana updates in the last 6 weeks

  • There are no limits to the number of custom fields that can be returned by the API

  • The current Json response is 807KB and this is not exceeding any limitations

  • There are no other reports of this type of problem from other users

  • Something else I haven’t considered above

Thanks again,


@Chris_Duffy - ok, gotcha thanks for the rundown.

I presume you’re handling pagination already, right? (based on your file size, you are, but just want to confirm). I am not aware of any other updates/bug reports from others recently on this, and I am also not aware of any limitations to # of custom fields returned by the API (besides the cap on fields permitted per project, which of course would be driven in the UI as well). Perhaps someone with deeper knowledge can chime in shortly (lots of great voices monitor this dev/api section of the forum).

In the meantime, could you try calling this endpoint and confirming if you see the custom field in their workspace. It provisionally sounds like someone accidentally removed that field from the project (or god forbid deleted it), but I completely understand wanting to cover your bases before you re-engage with the client.