Custom field sort in list view

Hi, I am currently sorting my list view by a custom field.

Super simple custom field as it is just to identify which quarter a task falls within. Multiple choice allowing tasks that fall across two quarters identified . However only 25 or the 32 listed appear. Why would that happen?

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For me it is a bit difficult to understand what you are looking at achieving. Can you maybe share a screenshot? (Blur all confidential info)

Also in list view where the sorting is check whether you have “sort within sections” enabled or not

All tasks have data entered in this custom field?

If any of the list (25 of 32) are subtasks, they wouldn’t be listed, correct? I’m having issues that when sort is on in list view, the subtasks disappear.

Oh okay yeah if some tasks are subtasks that explains it.

Subtasks do not belong to the project natively hence why they are not sorted here either.
I mean you could multi-select those and add them to the project also but then they will basically show twice in list view.

Here is an existing feedback request thread that I recommend upvoting: Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer

Basically when I sort by task name everything is listed but when I sort by my custom ‘Quarterly view’ not all task show. As seen in the example, strategic projects have 8 tasks marked with ‘Q1’ but when sorted only two show.
Quarterly view_asana

Happy New Year @Andrea_Mayer and @Alicia_Rambo, just wondering if you had any more thoughts on my issue based on the extra information I had supplied.

@Renee_Vincent, I’m sorry, I really don’t. @Andrea_Mayer, do you? I’m almost thinking this may be a support issue.

Hope this isn’t Zombieing the thread, but I’m having the same issue. When I group by Due Date, Sort is greyed out, and the platform is completely ignoring my “Criticality” field.