Custom field: Multi-select dropdown with selections but also option for text entry?

I’m building out a project to replace a Smartsheet we use to collect marketing tasks. One of the fields we need is “Audience”. We’re a non-profit association mgmt company, so our primary audience categories are members, lapsed members, and prospects. These would be the main options I’d add to a multi-select dropdown, but sometimes we get requests with other audiences — e.g., maybe a message needs to go to a specific committee or some other special list. So, e.g., instead of picking one of the main selection, I could just type in “2020-2023 course attendees”.

One thing I like with Smartsheet (there aren’t very many lol) is that I can type in another value without having to have every conceivable value in the dropdown choices. It looks like I’m not able to do that in Asana. I don’t want to leave it as an open text field, for consistency & reporting reasons.

Does anyone have any suggested workarounds? My first thought would be to just add an “Other” or maybe “See Description” value and then have that audience specified in the task description, but I’m curious if anyone out there has come up with a different solution to this kind of problem.


I usually include an “Other; specify” or similar choice in the dropdown and have another text custom field next to that dropdown where you can specify the value if Other. Clunky, but I think that and Description are your main options.




Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that alternative.

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