Custom date format in custom fields

I have a project with my team where each task is an event with a specific date. The thing is that we need to make decisions based on whether the date is a saturday, sunday or other. Since we can only see the date like “Oct 16, 2024”, for example, I don’t know how to show the day. (And of course the idea is to not having to have a calendar opened next to the list).
There’s a new option for creating formulas in custom tags, but I can’t seem to find a way to do this.

Any ideas?

Hi @Andrés_Vilensky,

Hope you don’t mind, I edited your title for clarity - you wrote “tags” but those are a different object in Asana than custom fields, and it’s custom fields that support a date type, so I’m almost positive you’re referring to custom fields. If not, let me know!

And, pinging @Richard_Sather here, the most expert at formulas that I know of.

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman :slight_smile:

Hi @Andrés_Vilensky , I would start with creating a single-select custom field called ‘Day of the week’ and add the values your require, such as ‘Saturday’, ‘Sunday’ and whatever other days are relevant to your tasks. You could also colour code them such as red for bad and green for good so that this can help you make decisions , either by viewing the tasks in the List view, Calendar or Timeline view (you can set the colour to your ‘Day of the week’ field). Save the field to your library to re-use it in other projects and portfolios.

Now I suppose you will likely want to automate this field to be populate based on the due date field. Formula fields will not be able to do this for you - they cannot output text or change the value of a single-select field; they only output numbers.

I also tested the ‘Auto-fill field value’ by AI but it doesn’t seem to work that well… yet!

So I would suggest either looking into using 3rd-party apps like or to create an automation that, based on the task’s due date, will map it to a value of your ‘Day of the week’ custom field.

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply


Thanks @Phil_Seeman, that was exactly what I was aiming for.
And Thanks a lot @Richard_Sather, that works (almost) perfect. Hope someday we can automate it or maybe change the date format so it shows the day of the week.

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