Custom date Field Rules

We are in the process of adding rule support for date, people, and multi-select custom fields! It’s our top development item.


I reckon a really useful rule would be ‘When date is approaching’, kind of like the rules for due date.

Currently I am using due date as more of a reminder for the task to show up into my world rather than a deadline. If I can create a custom date field called ‘Remind me’ and set the date of when I want to be reminded of the task, then the due date can actually function as what it is intended, which is a due date.

Hopefully we get rules for date to happen soon!

Great news! New to the forum - am I allowed to ask approximate ETA?

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Hi Rebecca and welcome to the forum! First, to be clear, I’m referring to our Flowsana integration, not to Asana adding any particular feature. Second, in terms of Flowsana, I don’t have an ETA to share on this set of enhancements yet.