Set custom date field in rule action

The “update task” category in rule actions has very limited options.

What I would like to see is an action that allows updating a custom date field with the date at which the action is run.

It would also be great if this was more general, ie, being able to update any custom field, not only the current set of standard fields.

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Hi @Santiago_Mera, and thanks for that product feedback.

I would suggest having a look at the tool “Flowsana” that allows more advanced rules configuration (cc @Phil_Seeman )

Meanwhile, I will also merge your topic with a similar one : Custom date Field Rules - #26 by Phil_Seeman

Don’t forget to vote there (top left), to show your interest for that feature to the Asana product team.

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Thanks for the feedback! And sorry for not finding the duplicated topic.
Will take a look at it and vote there.

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