Custom date Field Rules

Well, you can use our Flowsana integration, which has both triggers and actions based around custom date fields. :wink:

Hi there. I’m hoping someone can help me out with the custom date field format Asana requires. I set up a zap to go from my CRM to Asana (date transferred) and used the date formatter Zapier provides. I’ve tried numerous different date formats and nothing seems to transfer to asana. Any help would be appreciated!

Agreed with Joe6’s comment. We’re in a situation where we have a custom date field that we need to set when the task hits a specific stage in production. Currently it looks like we have to do it manually, but I really wish it would work with Rules. I know we can use the rules to manipulate the task Due Date, so I hope it’s not much of a stretch to alter custom date fields too.

@SamW, if you are able to use our Flowsana integration, it’s easy with our “Set a date field” rule action:

This feature is desperately needed in order to leverage reporting (in terms of high-level communication on the status of sets of projects, not the reporting features) to its fullest. Our current use case is the need to run reports on how long it has been between a document request being submitted and now or when the document is received. Since there is no way to write rules for specific subtasks, this is currently a very manual step, either setting a custom date field by hand when checking of the “make request” subtask, or going back after the fact and digging through the history to find out when the subtask was completed. It would be completely automated if a rule could set a custom date field o today’s date when the entire task’s status is changed to “request submitted”

And yes, I’m aware that Flowsana has this capability, however, my organization does not support the use of Flowsana at this time, and a native solution is needed for this very basic function of reporting how many days have elapsed between subtasks.


Anyone figure out how to trigger or set a date when a custom field is changed? Looking for a way to show testing statuses and how they change statuses over the course of UAT. Was thinking maybe to use a rule to update the custom date field when testing status changes, but I cannot seem to figure out a rule that i can use.

You can’t set a date field yet, this action doesn’t exist. And in terms of trigger, “field changed” doesn’t it, you only have “field changed to X”. Does it help clarify?

“doesn’t exist in Asana natively” :wink: There’s the possible option above

Thanks. This would be greatly appreciated.

I feel like the inability to utilize rules with custom date fields is a huge oversight. The power of the Asana platform is automation. And if we can’t automate simple date fields, it does a major disservice to the platform itself.

It doesn’t seem like it would be a huge task. Monday has this functionality.


This would greatly solve issues at our large enterprise here as well. I agree, Asana still has some catching up to do for automation as the rule building has many potentially useful aspects where gaps still remain.

I work in the equipment rental business and we are using Asana to help track orders due to ship and orders due to return. However there doesn’t seem to be a way to automate by a second custom date field within a task.

Is there a way to create a rule for a section in a project NOT based on the due date, but on secondary custom field date, like a return date column?

Would really like to not have to add another program to our catalogue just make this work.

Helen Pilgram-Noble


That’s not true, I currently use custom dates in PowerBI.

Any update on this? When can we expect functionality for custom date field rules?

Any movement here? I’d love to be able to set rules based on custom date fields. It would make the product much more useable.


Hi Chelsie,

Yes, on both the Asana and Flowsana fronts…

Asana has added the ability to set a date custom field. Your only option is for a certain number of days in the future:


Our Flowsana integration has a much more flexible rule action for setting a date field, going forward or backward in time, and based on the current date or any number of other dates:

Any news on this feature request?
We need Rules capabilities for Custom Date fields, like Date is approaching etc.

We also really need to be able to create a custom rule around the approach of a custom date field. Is anyone at Asana paying attention to this request?

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Asana is paying attention to all requests on the forum, especially the ones with a lot of interest from the community. Since they don’t communicate on the roadmap, you won’t get much info, sorry.

I really hope Asana picks this up soon! Our company really needs the ability to set custom dates with Rules. We also need to use use the Search function for custom date fields. I was very surprised it wasn’t supported already.

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