Creating Roll-up Tasks for Co-homing

Hi all,

I am looking for a way limit access to co-homed task details in a plan.

For instance, I have a content project that includes a video, as well as written content. The written content process is tracked in the ‘main’ project plan. The video production process is tracked in a completely different plan and will have details that we don’t want visible to members of the ‘main’ project, but we need to show a task progress status in that plan. Is there a way to create a roll-up or an overall status for the task without allowing full visibility into the task? (without doubling the effort of updating tasks)


The official term is “multi-homed” fyi.

At the moment a multi-homed task inherits all fields from all projects. Except if the project is private, the person is not a member of it, and the field is not part of the library. I’ll share your post with the PM in charge of this topic, she might be interested.

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