Creating Project Dependencies

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I use Asana for the project management of a production process across multiple teams. I am in Email Marketing and my process is dependent on that of the Content & Design teams. I would love to make tasks within my projects dependent on the completion of their task within their project.

So, as an example:

  • I keep all of my tasks in an Email Marketing Project. Users make requests of me through the Asana Form attached to the project, and then track the progress of their request through my board.
  • When an email request is made, the Content team immediately begins their process of writing the email copy, getting design assets created, etc. That is all tracked in a task in their Content Team Board.
  • When they complete their task, I would like for that to trigger a notification in my task, i.e. create a dependency between their task and mine, the way you can create a dependency between two tasks within the same project. I would also love for the copy doc or some info from their task to be passed over to mine.

Is this possible? Is there any way to create this dependency so that the process of passing off the project from one stage to the next is automated? Thank you!

Hi @Kristin_McLerran

You can definitely make Take dependant on others.

Have a look at this guide article.
Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana
Hope this helps.


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@Jason_Woods this issue actually isn’t solved!

I believe Kristin was having the same issue I am. Dependencies on tasks within a project is easy, and that’s what the link you attached explains.

However, dependencies are just tasks that exist within the same project. The issue presents when Project A - Task 5 is dependant on Project B - Task 3 (as an example). You cannot make a task within a project dependant on work from any other project, thus eliminating the ability to depend on tasks between projects/portfolios.

The dependencies bank should be searchable within the entire company/certain portfolios. That would solve this issue.

Hi @Tmrrw_Admin

You definitely can make a task dependent on a task in another project. You can’t do it from the timeline view, but if you click on the task and go to dependencies if you type in the tasks that you are after it show up as per my below screen shot…




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