Creating 'ghost' assignees



I manage between five and ten operatives on a construction site at any time. Although I would never expect them to use Asana, I would still like to be able to assign tasks to them just for my benefit.

Is it possible to create assignees without creating accounts so that I can list separately the tasks I’ve assigned to each operative. It would be great to be able to print off a list for each guy at the click of a button as well.




What you can do is create a gmail address and then create an Asana account for, etc. It will be seen as different addresses by Asana but all emails will arrive at so you will be able to validate the accounts. Does it make sense?


Thanks for the reply. It would be good if Asana allowed me to create assignees without having to set up outside email addresses though. Is this possible?


My intuition is that you can actually invite someone with a “fake” email address. He will never get the email but you will be able to assign task to him. Can you try?