Assign to 3rd-party



Business have 3rd-party services: legal team, contractor, accounting, even service providers should be able to be assigned tasks. Assigning 3rd party gives clarity to who is responsible for this, or who is completing it.

As a manager I find many tasks that rely on outside services and for clarity it would be great to assign tasks to 3rd patty. No visibility necessary, but clarity to who/what is responsible.

Tags are a find solution for now, but assigning would be best.


You can create fake email accounts within your company, that nobody reads but that have a real account with a nice avatar, and assign tasks to them!


Dig the creativity! This is a nice hack to the problem, yet from a UX perspective it’s not the easiest to pull off and requires extra consumption of paid seats.

One day I hope to have multiple-assignments and auxiliary-users (just to put a name on this feature request). Much like creating a new tag, one could assign a task to a new auxiliary-user understanding that that user will complete the task under your authority.

Thanks for the quick patch Bastien :smile:


@Steve10, I think you could at least avoid the extra seat consumption by using non-company-domain auxiliary email addresses (e. g.,

And you could benefit from a Gmail feature such that you’d only need to create a single new Gmail account:

Create a single Gmail account like For each different third-party, just start using addresses like these (a “+” followed by the role/name):

Hope that helps.


Interesting. In theory you could add unlimited auxiliary emails (like "") to Asana? Fantastic.